Canadian Cross-Border Tax Planning and Compliance

Individuals are increasingly encountering rapidly changing and complex Canadian tax legislation related to cross-border transactions and activity. You can rely on us to provide the tax services required to ensure compliance and minimize exposures, with confidence and peace of mind.  

Canadian Tax Compliance is required for:

  • Canadian Residents

  • Non-Residents of Canada with Canadian property

  • Individuals spending substantial time in Canada

  • Non-Residents investing in Canada and, or earning income in Canada


We specialize in Canadian and U.S. tax planning, compliance, and tax return preparation services.


Our Canadian Tax Services include:

  • Canadian and U.S. Income Tax return preparation

  • Canadian and U.S. Professional Tax Planning

    • For Departure from Canada

    • For Entry to Canada

  • Tax Treaty Reviews

  • Residency Reviews

  • Canadian and U.S. tax representation

  • Voluntary Disclosures for unreported income or outstanding information filing requirements

  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) representation

  • Specialized Canadian and U.S. tax filings

  • Requests by Non-Residents of Canada for Certificates of Compliance Related to the Disposition of Taxable Canadian Property